Türkiye’deki STK ların Avrupa Konsey’ine ve Uluslararası STK toplantısına Daveti ve Programı

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Informal exchange of views and study visit of Turkish NGOs to the Council of Europe and its Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations

1-2 December 2016

Palais de l’Europe, room 13


1 December 2016

9h00-10h30                         Opening Session:  Introduction to the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe and CoE standards on freedom of association

10h30-11h00                      coffee break

11h00-12h30                      1. Freedom of Expression, Access to Information and Freedom of the media

12h30-14h00                      lunch break

14h00-15h30                      2. Human Rights and Civil Rights – Advocacy and Defenders

15h30-16h00                      coffee break

16h00-17h30                      3. Access to Justice

19h00                                    Dinner

2 December 2016

9h30-11h00                         4. Education & Teachers, Schools, Businesses and Social Services

11h00-11h30                      coffee break

11h30-13h00                      5. Civil Society and participation in decision-making

13h00-14h30                      lunch break

14h30-16h00                      Concluding session:  Some Recommendations for Co-operation between CoE and Turkish Civil Society