“Revise, Rebuild, Reboot: Strategies for a Time of Distrust”

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Turabder’s Gül Günver Turan was invited to participate to the the German Marshall Fund’s 13th annual Brussels Forum, a premier event where the transatlantic agenda is shaped and debated within a global context. The event will be held in Brussels, from March 8–10. Under the theme “Revise, Rebuild, Reboot: Strategies for a Time of Distrust”, GMF’s Brussels Forum 2018 is designed to encourage policymakers and experts to work together to directly confront the challenging world we find ourselves in today. The reasons for the breakdown of trust within and between societies will be analyzed so as to find  new ways to build strong partnerships and networks that support our societies’ democratic ideals. Discussions and conversations will be facilitated through interactive and solution-oriented formats.