What is the European Youth Event (EYE2018)?

The EYE2018 takes place on 1-2 June 2018 in the European Parliament’s seat in Strasbourg. It is a unique opportunity for young Europeans to make their voices heard. One of Turabder’s member Selin Uğurtas has been selected to represent our Association ‘s youth group in Strasbourg.

During the event, they will:

  • * Come up with ideas for the future of Europe
  • * Discuss with European decision makers
  • * Join more than 8,000 young people from all over Europe

* Follow-up to the event:

  • July 2018: a report featuring the most concrete ideas discussed during the event will be distributed to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).
  • Autumn 2018: some participants will present the most developed ideas from the report to a number of parliamentary committees and get feedback from MEPs.

Background information on the EYE – The aim of the EYE is to invite young people (16-30 years old) from the EU 28 Member States and neighbouring countries to meet and come up with ‘Ideas for a Better Europe’. The most interesting ideas generated will be presented to the Members of the European Parliament in a report and during Youth Hearings in the EP Committees in the autumn – Panels aim at encouraging and stimulating the debate among young participants, catch the ideas they will bounce off you, and respond to them. Speakers and moderators are invited to keep their interventions very short as to allow for enough time for exchanges with the participants.

The Program which relates to Turkey is as follows: 

12:00 – 12:10 Opening of the discussion by the moderator (max 10 min)

1st ROUND of interventions
12:10 – 12:30 Speakers tell their experience (5min per speaker = 20 min)

Each speaker is given the floor to present own experience on the subject (through a targeted question by the moderator)
o Ska Keller – with focus on what the Parliament is doing on the matter
o Aylin Ece Cicek – focus on future of EU-Turkey relations from her University researches
o Selin Ugurtas – focus on Global Relations Forum and Task Force on the Future of EU-Turkey Relations
o Davide Lerner – focus on journalistic experience

12:30 – 12:45 – Audience reacts to speakers (15 min)

2nd ROUND of interventions
12:45-13:00 – Speakers propose ideas (5 min each)
Each speaker presents 1-2 ideas (prepared in advance) about what the EU (especially the EP) should do on the subject (answering to the questions from the
panel description)
o Aylin Ece Cicek – Shall we give to Turkey full membership or freeze accession for good?
o Davide Lerner – What line to take with autocrats: flagging up human rights and a free press or striking pragmatic deals?
o Selin Ugurtas – What is best for the young generation in Turkey and in the European Union?

13:00 – 13:15 – Audience propose ideas (max 2min per person = 15 min)
13:15-13:25 – Ska Keller – Gives feedback to ideas presented
13:25 – Closure of the panel discussion by the moderator (5 min)
o Quick summary
o Most impactful ideas to retain in relation to the main topic/panel’s questions

Daha fazla bilgi için bakınız: http://www.epgencms.europarl.europa.eu/cmsdata/upload/11a66420-cc4d-4f25-9b00-686b060976d6/A5_EYE_Programme_EN2018_V26.pdf