Brüksel‘de  14- 15 Aralık‘ta gerçekleşmekte olan zirveye AB üyesi 28 ülkenin  devlet ve hükümet başkanlarının katılımıyla başladı
AB Konseyinde (AB Liderler Zirvesi’nde) farklı konuların ele alınacağı üç oturum yapılacak. Birinci gün düzenlenecek ilk oturumda dış ilişkiler, güvenlik, savunma, göç ve sosyal konuları ele alacak. İkinci gün Avro Zirvesi adı altında düzenlenecek ikinci oturumda ise ekonomik ve parasal birlik konuları görüşülecek. Son oturumda  ise Brexit müzakerelerine ile ilgili son gelişmeler tartışılacak. Detaylı programın İngilizcesi aşağıdadır.

Agenda highlights

EU leaders will look at a number of the most pressing issues, including defence, migration, foreign affairs, social issues, education and culture.


EU leaders are expected to welcome the launch of the permanent structured cooperation (PESCO). On 13 November, 23 member states notified their intention to join PESCO to enhance defence cooperation.

The Council will also review progress in other fields, notably on EU-NATO cooperation.

Social issues, education and culture

The European Council will adopt conclusions on social issues as well as on education and culture.

The conclusions will build on the discussions held in Gothenburg during the Leaders’ Agenda debate on culture and education and the Social Summit.

External relations

In the light of events, the European Council may address specific foreign policy issues.


Under the Leaders’ Agenda, leaders will hold a debate on the way forward on migration policy, including both the internal and external dimensions. Further information is included in the note below.

“We should consolidate our comprehensive approach and make it more sustainable with secure external borders and the prevention of mass arrivals as a corner stone. In this context, we must also find a consensus by June 2018 on the internal dimension of our migration policy, based on the concepts of responsibility and solidarity.”

Leaders’ Agenda note on migration

Brexit negotiations

The European Council (Article 50), in an EU 27 format, will review the latest developments in the negotiations following the United Kingdom’s notification of its intention to leave the EU.

Leaders will reassess the state of progress in the Brexit negotiations to determine whether sufficient progress has been achieved on three specific issues:

  • citizens’ rights
  • Ireland
  • financial obligations

Leaders are expected to adopt the draft guidelines to move to the second phase of brexit negotiations. This follows the confirmation from Michel Barnier, the EU Chief Negotiator, that sufficient progress has been made during the first phase of negotiations.

Euro Summit

The Euro Summit will discuss the economic and monetary union (EMU) and the banking union, on the basis of the note below.

“At the Summit, leaders will be asked to spell out their preferred approach to further strengthening the EMU. However, there is no doubt that the first reality check is the completion of the Banking Union, which is both possible and necessary. If there is no significant progress in this area, it will be very difficult to envisage progress on the more ambitious ideas. ”

Leaders’ Agenda note on the economic and monetary union