Turabder has commemorated Europe Day on May 10 in Istanbul

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Europe Day commemorates 9 May 1950, when the then French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman presented his proposal on the creation of an organized Europe to help maintain peaceful relations between European countries. This proposal, known as the ‘Schuman declaration’, is considered to be the act that created what is now the European Union. Europe Day” is therefore a celebration of peace and unity in Europe. Every year in May, the Turkey EU Association (TURABDER) also known as the European Movement -Turkey organizes a seminar to mark the day and raise awareness about the EU. This year Europe day was commemorated on May 10 at the Elite World Hotel in Istanbul. The news of this activity was on Channel NTV. 


Registration:    (9:00 -9:15)

Introduction:   (9:15 – 9:20) Ela  TAŞKENT (General Secretary of                                                                      Turabder )

Keynote Speaker: (9:20 – 9:45) Ambassador Rauf Engin SOYSAL :                                          Undersecretary of the Ministry of EU Affairs


First Session:  (9:45 – 11:00) Current Evaluation of Relations between Turkey &                                        the EU

Ilter TURAN: Bilgi University

         Yaprak ALP: Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,                                  Department of EU Affairs

         Özdem SANBERK : President of USAK (International Strategic                                                       Research Organization)

         Mustafa KUTLAY: USAK Expert on EU Affairs

Moderator:  Gül G. TURAN : Turabder’s President

COFFEE BREAK:  11:00 – 11:15

Second Session: (11:15 – 13:00) The EU & Women’s Participation in Social and                    Political life 

         Meral TAMER: Journalist

         Gulseren ONANÇ: Member of the CHP

         Deniz Şenol SERT: Özyeğin University

Moderator:  Rana Birden ÇORBACIOĞLU Executive Committee Member of                             Turabder

LUNCH :  13:00 – 14:30

Third Session: (14:30-16:00) Turkey – EU Relations: A Communication Perspective

         Pelin KOCAALP: General Manager at Hill+Knowlton Strategies -Turkey

         Bekir AGIRDIR: Konda

         Volkan İKİLER: Member of the Executive Committee of the            Association of   Advertising Agencies.

         Ayşegül MOLU: President of the Foundation of Advertising Agencies

Moderator:   Uğur Cevdet Panayıcı:  Member of TURABDER