Program :  Celebration of Europe Day  

May 9, 2018 (Divan Hotel, Elmadağ)

9:00-9:30  Breakfast and Registration at the Divan hotel

9:30-12:30 Morning Session

The event in the morning is organized as a “world café” event where 60 participants headed by moderators and discussants (names are below) will talk about issues also listed below. Each table will sit around 10 persons; they will rotate every 20 minutes so as to allow them to cover all 7 topics.

1st table: EU and Migration (Deniz Şenol Sert and Dimitrov Bogoya)

2nd table: Economic Relations (Dilara Akan, Çiğdem Nas and Emre Gönen)

3rd table: Fundamental rights, justice and freedoms (Erkut Emcioğlu and J.J. Jääskeläinen )

4th table:  Security issues (Pesco) (Ilter Turan and Burç Beşgül)

5th table: Gender related issues (Zeynep Alemdar, Imad Khillo and Miikka Keranen)

6th table: Enlargement and the Balkans (Gül Turan and Dimitrov Bogoya)

7th table: New visions for the EU (Haluk Tükel and Jean Marcou)

12:30-14:30 Lunch Our Guest speaker is Ümit Boyner (Mrs), (Boynergrup Board Member & Former President of Tusiad) who will be speaking on Gender Equality in Workplace


Opening speech: Bahadır Kaleağası (World, Europe, Turkey: History of the Near Future)

Panel:  Visionary Approaches for a Changing World

Fatih Ömür  (Vision and Mission of a Leading Airport Operator)

Emine Etili (Visionary Approach to Digital Experiences)

Charles Emir Richards (Becoming a Visionary Filmmaker)

Özge Samancı (Visionary Approach to Turkish Culinary Experiences)

Moderator: Gül Günver TURAN

16 :30 – 17 :00

Handing certificates and group photo

18:00- 21:30 Departure by Funicular from Taksim to Kabatas for a boat trip ( Kaptan Boran) and dinner on the Bosphorus