TURABDER’s Activities in 2016

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List of attended Official Meetings of EMI and list of some of the Meetings where Papers were presented by our members

1. Informal exchange of views and study visit of Turkish NGOs to the Council of Europe and its Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations  1-2 December 2016 Palais l’Europe, room 13 . topics which were covered are as follows: Freedom of Expression, Access to Information and Freedom of the media, Human Rights and Civil Rights – Advocacy and Defenders, Education & Teachers, Schools, Businesses and Social Services, Civil Society and participation in decision-making, Concluding session:  Some Recommendations for Co-operation between CoE and Turkish Civil Society

2. EMI’s Council Meeting 2016 Brussels November 25, 2016

3. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s Foundation and Mediterravenir’s Meeting: « Osons la réussite au féminin ensemble femmes du sud, femmes du nord». 14-15 November 2016, Gammarth, Tunisia where Turabder was invited and officially represented by our member Dilara Akan who presented a paper

4. E.M. int’s Head of Office Meeting, Brussels October 6, 2016 where the President and the general Secretary were present

5. Fondation du Dialogue Sud-Nord Mediterraneen’s Meeting on Ensuring that  no Rural Communities are Left Behind,  October 27-28 , 2016 Rome where our President was invited to chair a meeting.

6. Panel RC51.05: Civil Society and Political Economy: A Comparative Perspective , 24th World Congress of Political Science International Political Science Association 23-28 July 2016 in Poznan, Poland where  our President  Prof. Turan chaired a meeting and presented a paper.

7. European Movement Macedonia & Central European Initiative’s Conference on European Values Faced  with Migration and Refugee Crises (Skopje, 19-20 Sep. 2016) where our President gave a paper and our executive committee member Deniz Senol Sert gave a presentation.

8. ELEC’s meeting on The future of international trade, investments and trade negotiations held in Milan, Italy, June 17, 2016 where our President attended the meeting.

9. European Movement int’s General Assembly Meeting ,The Hague , May 29, 2016 attended by our President and our General Secretary.

10. Radio France Inter interview on the  EU, France and Turkey (18-03-2016)

Béatrice Leveillé  radio program with the participation of  the writer Nedim Gürsel, Seyfettin Gürsel, the ex French Minister during Sarkozy’s presidency Mr. Pierre Lellouche and Turabder’s president Professor Gül Günver Turan.

11. “Institut du Bosphore’s” Annual Seminar entitled “Turkey, France, EU: Staying on Course. Istanbul, held on 18-03-2016 where our President  presented her personal view on Turkey EU Relations