TURABDER will be participating to this event with a panel on Turkey and by organizing a coffee booth.

For three days, in April 2019, the European Movement International is inviting you to a celebration of European democracy. Within the context of the Alliance for Democracy, and in partnership with the European Parliament, we are gathering decision-makers, organised civil society, business, trade unions, influencers, activists and, most importantly, citizens to take part in the leading European democracy festival in view of the European elections.

Inspired by the Nordic tradition of democracy festivals, DEMOCRACY ALIVE aims to encourage civic engagement and increase interest in European democracy.

It is a challenging time for European cohesion, which is why we need to come together to prove that European ideals can reach beyond the corridors of Brussels and are relevant to every single European in their day-to-day lives. In order to bridge the gap between us citizens and our representatives, and to reinforce trust and optimism in the European project, we want to create a space where citizens, stakeholders and our elected representatives can come together and engage in dialogue on important issues that matter; be it on the environment, opportunities for the young, employment, human rights and/or the rule of law. Together we can energise citizens across Europe and greatly increase voter turnout in the 2019 elections by promoting the European Parliament’s #ThisTimeImVoting campaign.

We envision DEMOCRACY ALIVE as an open space where citizens and stakeholders, irrespective of their backgrounds and representations, will be able to hold their own events, debates, discussions, gigs, book readings, song contests, ping pong tournaments, silent disco’s – you name it! We are essentially facilitating a space for thousands of people to participate and communicate their views on democracy and Europe.

We will create a non-partisan arena for you and your organisation to share your message and vision for Europe. A part of the official programme will be created and curated by the European Movement International and the other organisations of the Alliance for Democracy, but the majority of events and debates will be organised by participating organisations. Moreover, we envisage that the festival, including all of its events, will be free of charge, ticket-less, and not require registration.

DEMOCRACY ALIVE will take place on the beautiful Dutch island of Texel. We have chosen this location due to its ability to take us away from the usual Brussels bubble and bring us together in a non-traditional setting. Easy to reach, the island has all the elements needed for a successful event, including substantial local experience with large events, a wide range of accommodation options, and a dedicated local community who is excited to welcome us all to their home.