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H. Gül Günver Turan

Turkey : Economic Outcome and Elections : Interview with Dimitri Bettoni from OBCT ( https://www.balcanicaucaso.org/eng/Areas/Turkey/Turkey-Economy-and-Elections-188693)

You will find below the original interview done by Dimtri Bettoni with Turabder’s President Gül Günver Turan which was later on shortened to fit the required 10.000 characters. The final interview can be found on the website of the Ossevatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa. (https://www.balcanicaucaso.org/eng/Areas/Turkey/Turkey-Economy-and-Elections-188693…

Sebastían Royo

Is There A Future For Social Democracy In Europe?

  The response to the Great Recession from European social democratic/centre-left parties, with some notable exceptions like Portugal’s, was largely to implement the austerity policies of the right: they bailed out the banks and the bondholders, and they tightened fiscal policies and supported loose monetary ones. The…

Emma Klever

Geleceğe Doğru bir yol Geliştirmek- Avrupa Hareketinin Önerileri

The decision of Britain to leave the EU puts the European idea to a test. We have to openly discuss the state of our Union, and the way forward. It is our responsibility to offer bold solutions to the pressing challenges facing all European citizens. Nationalist and anti-European forces are exploiting people’s insecurities…

H. Gül Günver Turan

Roma'daki toplantının Bildirisi 28 Ekim 2016

Communiqué du séminaire à Rome 27 & 28 octobre 2016 Il faut agir ensemble pour développer les régions rurales du Sud et du Nord Méditerranée La Fondation du Dialogue Sud-Nord Méditerranée, présidée par M. NOTHOMB, Ministre d’Etat de la Belgique, en partenariat avec la Bibliothèque d’Alexandrie, réunit depuis 2006 tous…

Europen Movement Ireland

EM Ireland: Just the Facts – Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU

Background On 1 July Slovakia took over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) for the upcoming 6 months. This transfer marks the first time Slovakia has held the Presidency and the second phase of the current rotation, the Presidency having previously been held by the Netherlands and still to be held…