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H. Gül Günver Turan

THE “D”s IN TURKEY – EU RELATIONS: SOME REFLECTIONS (http://turkishpolicy.com/article/907/the-ds-in-turkey-eu-relations-some-reflections)

What is there to be said about Turkey’s relations with the EU that has not already been said? We are in 2018, celebrating the 60th year of the start of Turkey’s relations with the EU. We have lived 60 years of ups and downs in these relations which can be classified into seven periods whose defining characteristics and…

Lukáš Veselý

Can Europe Converge On What ‘Convergence’ Should Mean?

  2017 is the year of choices: after important elections in several Member States, the European integration process can be reinvigorated in the autumn with a renewed sense of purpose, or it can continue to decline in a cacophony of national voices deaf to each other. Some of the key upcoming reflections on the future of the…


« L'avenir des échanges, des investissements et des négociations commerciales internationales»

Ligue européenne de Coopération économique   Commission économique et sociale Milan, le 17 juin 2016 « L'avenir des échanges, des investissements et des négociations commerciales internationales» Original : français   Recommandation adoptée par la Commission économique et sociale le 17 juin 2016…

EM int

Prof. H. Gül Turan ın Uluslararası Avrupa Hareketi'nin Montenegro Kongresindeki konuşma (21-23 November 2013)

Prof. Turan's speech at the EMI Montenegro Congress (21-23 November 2013) Prof Turan stated that the Annual Enlargement Strategy Paper and the Progression reports were prepared at a time where enlargement fatigue, doubts about the economic future, fears for the euro, unsolved unemployment, lower growth rates and fears of deflation…