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Woman of Europe Award / Women of Europe Network

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Woman of Europe Award / Women of Europe Network
With the aim of reviving the Woman of Europe Award, interested EMI members have met and shared ideas to prepare a new proposal for a Woman of Europe project:
Mission statement
Realising that the role of women in the European project remains largely unrecognized, the European Movement Woman of Europe Award aims to highlight the contribution of women in advancing the project of European unification, and to increase the involvement of women in European integration.
Woman of Europe Award
To this end, it aims to set up a European-level Woman of Europe Award and an adjoining Women of Europe Network composed of women active in European integration. The Award will honour women that strive or have strived to advance the European project, in their professional or private capacity.
Women of Europe Network
The network will bring together the European winners and nominees, as well as previous national winners, the women- and gender equality networks of the EMI’s International Associations as well as women networks of project partners. The network is inclusive, pro-European, and open to all genders. It aims to create linkages, share experiences and promote exchanges between women who work on European integration to enable them to increase their involvement in the European project.
Involvement of the European Movement
This project serves four goals that are important for the European Movement: it will recognise women for their contribution to the European project and aim to increase their role; it will stress the important values of human rights and gender equality; it will increase awareness of the work the European Movement International and its members undertake in the effort to advance European integration; and it will create new linkages between existing networks.
Action plan
To set up the proposed Award and Network, a Steering Committee will be formed, consisting of 6 members: the EMI Secretary General, one EMI staff member, and two representatives each of the National Councils and International Associations. They will undertake the following actions:
o Build partnerships with a leading European women’s organisation; a media partner; and an institutional partner;
o Raise funds (via sponsorship) for the organisation of the Award ceremony, the Award itself (possibly in-kind), and the set-up of the network;
o Organise the first Award ceremony and the adjoining Women of Europe Network, provide the enabling structures for a self-managing network, set up a database, and organise a first meeting in the margins of the ceremony;
o Collect nominations and form a jury to select the winner of the 2016 or 2017 Woman of Europe Award. Each member organisation can put forward one nominee, as well as (members of) the partnering women’s organisation (tbd). Eligible to be nominated are women who, in their professional or private capacity, strive or have strived to advance the European project.
All EMI members are invited to express their interest in the project and to join the project preparations.
Submitted for adoption by
EM Norway, EM Ireland, EM Germany, EM France, EM Serbia, AFEM, CESI, ALDE (ALDE GEN), CEMR.