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Celebrating Europe Day on May 9

 ​​    9 MAYIS AVRUPA GÜNÜ PANELİ:  ÇALKANTILI DÜNYADA AVRUPA’NIN GELECEĞİ VE TÜRKİYE 9 Mayıs 2019 Perşembe, 13.00-16.00 TOBB Plaza Konferans Salonu, Levent, İstanbul Türkiye-AB Derneği (TURABDER) ve İktisadi Kalkınma Vakfı 9 Mayıs Avrupa Günü’nü beraber kutluyor. Avrupa’nın geleceği ve Türkiye ile ilişkileri başlıklı panelimizde, Avrupa Parlamentosu seçimleri öncesinde yükselen popülizm ile Avrupa’nın geleceği konusunda kaygılar, genişleme konusunda hakim olan suskunluğa…

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09 May 201913:00

Democracy Alive

TURABDER will be participating to this event with a panel on Turkey and by organizing a coffee booth.  ABOUT THE EVENT For three days, in April 2019, the European Movement International is inviting you to a celebration of European democracy. Within the context of the Alliance for Democracy, and in partnership with the European Parliament, we are gathering decision-makers, organised civil society, business, trade unions, influencers, activists and, most importantly, citizens to take part in the leading European democracy festival in view of…

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11 April 201910:00

Sustainability: Solutions for Ihe Future

Wednesday 6th of February Registration local organizers 11:00-17:00 City tour 12:00-15:30 Training for Strategic Planning 16:00-17:30 Opening ceremony 19:00- Thursday 7th of February Breakfast/Registration 08:00-09:00 Opening plenary 09:00-09:45 Words of welcome by presenters Words of welcome Presidents of AEGEE-Europe Roll Call Presentation of the Agenda - content Presentation of the Agenda - drafting Presentation of the Safeperson project Presentation of the Agenda of the day Announcements of Local organizers. Opening Symposium 09:50-11:20 Your…

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06 February 201908:00

Mobility Barriers in Europe

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07 December 201809:00

The EU in Search of Visions

The Ninth Bosphorus  Summit took place between November 25-28,  2018 at the Four Seasons' Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul.  The program can be found at  https://www.bogazicizirvesi.org/files/9.BZ_Program_Tr-26112018-v1.1.pdf . One of the many panels organized concerned the EU and was entitled The EU in Search of Visions. The panel was organized and moderated by Turabder's president Prof. Dr. Gül Günver Turan. THE EU IN SEARCH OF VISIONS November 27 , 2018 (14:00 – 15:00) (ROOM B) KeynoteSpeakers  Amb.…

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27 November 201814:00

Federal Assembly Meeting ( November 9, 2018, Vienna)

Once a year, member organisations of the European Movement International network gather for our Federal Assembly to discuss the state of the organisations, debate the big issues that face Europe, as well as set a course for the organisation to follow in the year ahead. This year, the Federal Assembly will take place on 9 November in Vienna and it is co-hosted by the EM International and the EM Austria. All member organisation have the right to be represented by their leadership (or appointed delegates). The EM International Board also…

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09 November 201809:00

Borders for Migrants-Limitations

The Kartepe Summit Organization, hosted by the Republic of Turkey Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has this year organized a three day symposium on "Migration, Refugees and Humanity". The program can be found at https://www.kartepezirvesi.com/kartepe-summit-2018. The president of TURABDER was the chair of the Panel entitled Borders for Migrants-Limitations and the participants were  Prof. Dr. Ilias ILIOPOULOS Atina University Dr. Elizabeth CHALLINOR Uminho- Universidade Do Minho Prof. Dr. Eric TRINKA The Catholic University Of America…

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27 October 201810:20

“Differing Visions for Turkey-EU Engagement”

TPQ Roundtable: “Differing Visions for Turkey-EU Engagement” Location: Netherlands Consulate at the Palais de Hollande, Istanbul Date:  9 October 2018   OVERVIEW In conjunction with the Spring 2018 Issue of Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) on “Differing Visions for Turkey-EU engagement,” TPQ is holding an in-depth discussion on the prospect of a reset between Brussels and Ankara and the conditions that need to be met. Discussion topics will include key issues on the agenda: visa exemption for Turkish citizens, updating the Customs Union, security…

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09 October 201817:00

Differing Views on Turkey-EU Engagement

The Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) organized a roundtable on Turkey-EU Relations which took  place on Tuesday, October 9th at the Netherlands Consulate at the Palais de Hollande. The topics of the panel moderated by TURABDER's president included key issues on the agenda: visa exemption for Turkish citizens, updating the Customs Union, security cooperation, and maintaining a constructive dialogue on Turkey’s reform agenda. The program was as follows Program: 5:00-5:30pm – Registration 5:30-5:40pm –…

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09 October 201819:00

The 2018 European Youth Event

What is the European Youth Event (EYE2018)? The EYE2018 takes place on 1-2 June 2018 in the European Parliament's seat in Strasbourg. It is a unique opportunity for young Europeans to make their voices heard. One of Turabder's member Selin Uğurtas has been selected to represent our Association 's youth group in Strasbourg.  During the event, they will: * Come up with ideas for the future of Europe * Discuss with European decision makers * Join more than 8,000 young people from all over Europe * Follow-up to the event: July…

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01 June 201809:00

In Dialogue with the Western Balkans

Where: Hall 8, National Palace of Culture, Sofia When: Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 12.00 - 19.00   Creating a Region of Growth, Security and Connectivity on the Path to Europe On 16 May 2018,  the Bulgarian presidency, the EU institutions, governments from the Western Balkans and European Movement representatives will hold a forum for dialogue in Sofia, Bulgaria.  With the European Commission's new strategy for the Western Balkans,  the countries of the region were given a fresh perspective…

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16 May 201812:00


The Program is as follows: THE BALKANS IN THE EUROPEAN INTEGRATION – PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE 16-17 May 2018 Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski PROGRAMME (DRAFT) 15 May 2018, Main Building, Hall 1 18:30 Books Launch: Regional Studies Monographs. Series of the Center of Excellence in the Humanities “Alma Mater”   16 May 2018, Aula Magna 10:00 – 11:00 Registration 11:00 – 12:00 Opening 12:00 – 13:30 Lunch for the participants, Hotel “Crystal Palace Boutique“, 14, Shipka Str. Conference Hall,…

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15 May 201810:00

Celebrating Europe day

We will be celebrating Europe Day with youth and professors from Denmark, Finland, France and the Netherlands who will meet students and professors from Bilgi, Bosphorus, İstanbul, Okan, Özyeğin and Yıldız Universities. Participation by invitation only.  PROGRAM: DIPLOMACY UNDER A FRIENDLY ROOF Program :  Celebration of Europe Day   May 9, 2018 (Divan Hotel, Elmadağ) 9:00-9:30  Breakfast and Registration at the Divan hotel 9:30-12:30 Morning Session The event in the morning is organized as a “world café”…

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09 May 201809:00

Populism, Brexit and Visions for the EU

Panel on “ Populism, Brexit and Visions for the EU"                                      The Turkey European Union Association has organized a panel  to discuss the EU’s future directions. Europe is in the midst of intense debate at a time when the 2019 European elections  are approaching. Four issues will be discussed: new visions for the EU, Brexit,…

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05 April 201811:00

Turkey - EU Relations under Recent Geopolitical Developments

Türkiye Avrupa Birliği Derneği (Turabder)  24 Mart 2018 tarihinde  saat 14-16 arasında “Son Jeopolitik Gelişmeler Işığında Türkiye – Avrupa Birliği İlişkileri“ konulu bir panel düzenlemiştir.   Yer: Tunatan Tesisleri Bahçelievler Mahallesi, 2. Cad. No:2, 54100 Serdivan/Sakarya Program 14:00 - 14:15              Kayıt 14:15 - 14:20              Açılış Konuşmaları                        …

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24 March 201814:00

Developments in Turkey

The Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation has invited Prof. Dr. Gül Günver Turan, president of  the Turkey EU Association to Stockholm,  Sweden for a round-table conference on developments in Turkey, on  March 14, 2018. The round-table meeting will take place at the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation’s office  in the morning, and will be followed by a lunch. In the afternoon, the Foundation will arrange a meeting program with Swedish journalists and thereafter host a public seminar on Turkey, where some of the participants from the meeting…

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14 March 201809:00

“Revise, Rebuild, Reboot: Strategies for a Time of Distrust”

Turabder’s Gül Günver Turan was invited to participate to the the German Marshall Fund's 13th annual Brussels Forum, a premier event where the transatlantic agenda is shaped and debated within a global context. The event will be held in Brussels, from March 8–10. Under the theme “Revise, Rebuild, Reboot: Strategies for a Time of Distrust”, GMF's Brussels Forum 2018 is designed to encourage policymakers and experts to work together to directly confront the challenging world we find ourselves in today. The reasons…

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08 March 201810:00

Civil Society in EU-Turkey Relations: The Role of NGOs

Civil Society in EU-Turkey Relations: The Role of NGOs The Center for International and European Studies (CIES), in partnership with the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSR Turkey), and Asia Minor,will hold a panel discussion on “Civil Society in EU-Turkey Relations: The Role of NGOs”. The objective is to explore how NGOs have and can play a role in maintaining the relevance of relations between Turkey and the European Union in their capacity as civil society actors. The event will take place on Wednesday,…

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21 February 201813:30

Les 5. es Rencontres Franco–Turques

Les 5es Rencontres franco–turques Paris – 14 février 2018   9h45 : Accueil 10h10 : Mot de bienvenue – Didier Billion, directeur adjoint de l’IRIS 10h15 – 12h00 Le moment actuel de la relation euro-turque Les turbulences européo-turques sont multiples et la situation devenue préoccupante quant à l’avenir du partenariat entre les deux parties. A quelques semaines de la publication du rapport de la Commission européenne, il semble utile et nécessaire de faire le point sur l’état desdites relations…

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14 February 201809:45

Movie Screening and Discussion with Director Cole

The Turkey European Union Association in cooperation with Women in Foreign Policy and under the auspices of TUSIAD  is  pleased to invite you to attend an event where Mrs Sonia Nassery Cole, a producer, a director and a writer will answer questions about  what she has accomplished both as a film  producer and director.    A short video, a short documentary film and the trailer of her movies on current plights of Afgan people forced to flee their country  will also be shown. The event will take place  on…

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23 January 201816:00

Undersecretary Ambassador Selim Yenel Met with Academics

The current state and the future of Turkey-EU relations were discussed at the meeting bringing together the representatives from EU reserach center of universities in Istanbul and  think tanks dealing with the EU and Turkish Foreign Policy . 

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13 December 201709:00

Regions Metropolitaines du Sud et du Nord de la Mediterranee face aux Migrations (5 Decembre 2017)

Le professeur Gül Günver Turan co-fondatrice de la Fondation du Dialogue Sud-Nord Mediterranee et presidente du Mouvement Europeen Turquie a participe a la conference organisee par le president de la Fondation M. Charles Ferdinand Nothomb a Bruxelles le 5 décembre 2017 dans l’hémicycle du Parlement francophone bruxellois, avec le soutien de la Région bruxelloise et de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. .Le programme se trouve ci dessous.    « Régions métropolitaines du Sud et du Nord de la Méditerranée face aux migrations »…

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05 December 201709:00


Upon request of the President of the International Cooperation Platform Mr. Cengiz Özgencil Prof. Dr. Gül Günver Turan president of the Turkey European Union Association  organized the following panel where she brought together five speakers, Ambassador Georges Ciamba from Romania which is a member of the EU but not a member of either the Schengen area or the eurozone,  Dr. Paul Levin from Sweeden member of the EU, the Schengen area but not the eurozone, Mr. Pier Virgilio Dastoli from Italy which is a founding member of to-day's…

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30 November 201709:00

European Movement International Federal Assembly Meeting

EMI Federal Assembly Brussels, 24-25 November 2017 Programme Friday 24 November 2017 Venue: CEMR,Square de Meeûs1, 1000 Brussels 8:30-10:30Board meeting (for Membersof the Boardonly) 10:30-12:00Meetings of the Political Committees - More Democracy, Citizens’ Rights and Freedom - Jobs, Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth - Europe in the World Venue: Bip –Brussels Info Place, Rue Royale 2-4, 1000 Brussels 12:00-13:00Lunch Federal Assembly Plenary -Session 1 (13:00-18:00) 1. Welcome speech by EM International President Jo Leinen 2.…

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24 November 201714:00

Meeting taking Place at TUSIAD

The Bosphorous University and TUSIAD's Foreign Policy Forum have organized a meeting entitled "Possible Scenarios for the Future of the EU after the French and German Elections which will take place on November 23, 2017 between 15:30 and 17:30. Our Vice President Zeynep Alemdar will be one of the panelists along with  Josef Janning: http://www.ecfr.eu/profile/C291, Laurent Bigorgne: http://www.institutmontaigne.org/fr/institut and Beyza Tekin:   http://cv.gsu.edu.tr/CV/beyza-c-tekin Participation in this event…

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23 November 201715:30

Turkey- European Union Relations Under recent Geopolitical Changes ( November 18, 2017)

Türkiye-Avrupa Birliği Derneği (TURABDER) ve İktisadi Kalkınma Vakfı (IKV)  işbirliğinde 18 Kasım 2017 tarihinde Türkiye-AB ilişkilerinin geleceğini ele almak üzere Antakya Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası ev sahipliğinde bir panel düzenlendi. Konuyla ilgili öğretim üyelerini, iş dünyası ve STK temsilcilerini ve diğer ilgili paydaşları bir araya getiren etkinliğe, Turabder başkanı Prof. Gül Günver Turan ve İKV Araştırma Müdürü Çisel İleri  katıldı. İlk açılış konuşmasını yapan Antakya Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası Başkanı Hikmet Çinçin Hatay bölgesindeki…

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18 November 201714:00

Institut du Bosphore 8th Annual Seminar:

Globalisation, Recent Developments which took place within the European Union, and Europe- France -Turkey relations will be discussed. Turabder's President Gül Günver Turan will be attending the conference alongside her guest Yves Bertoncini , President of the European Movement France. The final program will be put on the web in coming days. Participation in this event is by invitation only.

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18 October 201716:00

We are in Eskişehir on October 16,2017

TURABDER, bu sene 9 Mayıs Avrupa Günü’nü İstanbul’daki beş üniversitenin öğrencileriyle kutlamıştı. Şimdi de benzer bir çalışmayı 16 Ekim’de Türkkonfed’in işbirliği ile Anadolu Üniversitesi ve Osman Gazi Üniversitesi öğrencilerinin ve konuyla ilgili öğretim üyelerinin katılımı ile Eskişehir Tasiago Otelinde yürütecektir. Toplantının sabahki  bölümünde Anadolu ve Osmangazi Üniversitelerinden  44 öğrenci ve 5 öğretim üyesi ile Avrupa Birliği- Türkiye ilişkileri  bir atölye çalışmasında irdelenecektir. Öğle…

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16 October 201709:00

Europe Day Preparatory Meeting and National Councils Meeting

annual meetings, namely the Europe Day 2018 preparatory meeting and the National Councils meeting (formerly named Heads of Office meeting). Both meeting will take place on Wednesday 11 October, in Brussels (Square de Meeus 1 (1st floor), 1000 Brussels).   The Europe Day preparatory meeting will take place from 10am to 12pm and will address the following topics: Round of feedback on 2017 activities; Discussion of the new concept for 2018 celebrations; Overall objective for 2018. It is intended…

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11 October 201710:00

Conference on EU-Turkey Relations (E3-101 santralistanbul Campus)

  This  International Conference on “EU-Turkey Relations” is  organized by the European Institute and Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of Istanbul Bilgi University in collaboration with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, TÜSES, KÜYEREL, Science Academy, Turkey and SODEV. Turabder's member Prof. Dr. Ilter Turan will give a presentation on Parliamentary Democracy and Governance in the EU.   10.00 – 10.30 Registration and Coffee 10.30 – 10.45 Opening Speeches Prof. Dr. Ege Yazgan, Acting Rector, İstanbul…

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22 September 201710:00

A Conference on Populism, Extremism and Euro-Skepticism in Today's European Societies

On 5 September 2017, the Goethe-Institut together with the European Movement International are holding an event to mark the official launch of the e-book EUROPEAN ANGST. The event will feature a debate on populism, extremism and euroscepticism in contemporary European societies. This event is the follow-up to the EUROPEAN ANGST conference organised in December, which aimed to break out of the comfort zone of liberal consensus by inviting controversial thinkers and creating a space for passionate debate, reflection and in-depth analysis. Participants…

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05 September 201709:00

On Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU.

On 13 July 2017 the European Movement International will hold its next private briefing, to introduce the priorities of the Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU. Ambassador Kaja Tael, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Estonia to the EU, will outline the 6-month programme of the Estonian government for the term of its presidency and will engage in a discussion with the participants. Ambassador Kaja Tael has been the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Estonia to the EU since August 2016. She was previously…

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13 July 201710:00

Challenges to the Rule Of Law in Europe

When: Wednesday 12 July 2017, 18.00 - 19.45 (Accreditation here from 17.30) Where: European Parliament, Brussels, Room A3G2 Register here by 5 July 2017. We are pleased to invite you to the European Movement's discussion addressing current challenges to the rule of law in EU Member States and exploring ways forward in Europe.  Speakers include Urmas Reinsalu, Estonian Minister of Justice, Kai Härmand, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Justice of Estonia, Jo…

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12 July 201718:00

Is Democracy in Crisis

Our General Secretary Ela Taskent will be participating to this one day event where she will meet the representatives of the EU. Renaissance Hotel Brussels, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Bruxelles  Europe is facing a multitude of challenges and the very values on which Europe is built, such as democracy, human rights, freedom of movement and the rule of law  are under threat. In a time when Europe can seem divided, we have decided to come together in a pro-European Alliance for Democracy to engage Europe and its citizens in shaping…

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07 June 201712:30

Meeting organized by the Council of Europe with the participation of NGO's from Turkey

Our Vice President Associate Professor Dr. Zeynep Alemdar will be representing our Association at this meeting.   Informal exchange of views and study visit of Turkish NGOs to the Council of Europe and its Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations   Palais de l’Europe   Concerned about civil society in Turkey and wanting to ensure that a lively dialogue can be maintained the Council of Europe has decided to invite a group of Turkish NGOs to Strasbourg to discuss issues related to the…

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31 May 201709:00

Euroepan Movement Int.'s Members Council Meeting

Members Council 2017 Draft Programme Thursday 11 May 2017 Venue: Hotel Courtyard by Marriot, Rue Joseph II 32, 1000 Brussels 20:00 Informal dinner 21:00 Screening of the Eurovision Contest semi-finals Friday 12 May 2017 Venue: European Parliament, Brussels 09:00-12:00 Board Meeting (for Board Members only) 10:00-12:00 Visit of the House of European History (for all Members – optional) Rue Belliard 135, 1000 Brussels 12.00-13.00 Political Committees (for the contact points of the Member Organisations which belong to each PC) Political Committee…

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11 May 201710:00

We Celebrated Europe Day

The Turkey-European Union Association also known as the European Movement-Turkey celebrated Europe Day on May 9, 2017 at the Taksim, Divan Hotel. The meeting consisted of two sessions where 40 students and 8 moderators were present. The students were from Bahcesehir, Bilgi, Galatasaray, Istanbul, Marmara and Okan Universities. In the morning session four tables were formed each discussing a specific subject related to Turkey-EU  relations. Table 1's topic was judiciary and fundamental rights, table 2's justice, freedom and…

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09 May 201709:00

Strategikon's Good Governance Summit Meeting, Bucharest

WEDNESDAY, May 3rd Regular participants agenda: 16:00 Sheraton Hotel Welcome Drinks Speakers and Sponsors agenda: 18:00 (TBC) Welcome drinks and dinner hosted by His Excellency Liviu DRAGNEA, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Vila Lac THURSDAY, May 4 th Logistics of the day: • 8 – 15:30 @ National Bank of Romania  • 15:30- 17:30 – Free Time & Transit in between locations • 17:30 – 19:30 @ Hotel Sheraton 9:00 – 9:30 Opening remarks by Harlan ULLMAN, Senior Advisor at Washington DC's Atlantic Council…

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04 May 201708:00

Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the treaty of Rome

The European Movement International will be marking the 60th anniversary of the Rome treaty and using it as an opportunity to renew support for the European project and craft a way forward for our Union. On 25 March (09.00-12.00) we will hold a political debate, together with our members (UEF and JEF) and for our members, gathering personalities from politics, civil society and culture. We want to create an open space where our members can share ideas about the future of Europe. We will also join the March for Europe on the 25th (12.30)…

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25 March 201709:00

Europe Fights Back: Rebuilding Vision, Regaining Trust, Relaunching Unity

The Forum on the future of Europe will take place at the Congress Centre Roma Eventi and will be followed by a March for Europe. The Turkey European Union Association also known as the European Movement-Turkey will be attending both the Forum and the March for Europe. 08:00 – 08:45 Arrival and Registration 08:45 – 09:00 Opening greetings by the promoting organisations Elmar BROK, Member of the European Parliament, President of the Union of European Federalists (UEF) Isabelle DURANT, President of The Spinelli Group…

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25 March 201708:00

Changing the Course to Europe: Sixty Years from the Treaties of Rome

The conference is organized on the initiative of the European Movements in Italy and France In cooperation with the Representation of the Commission in Italy and the Centre EuroSapienza. The event  will take place at the Amphitheatre of University La Sapienza. The program is as follows: First session  2:00 pm – 5:00 pm  Workshop “From cities and territories for a democratic and united Europe” Second session 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm -     “Dialogue, consultation and communication…

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24 March 201714:00

Challenges facing the European Union

Bernd Huettemann Vice President of the European Movement int. and Secretary General of the European Movement-Germany will make a presentation on Challenges Facing the EU on February 22, 2017. His paper will later on be put on our website. 

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22 February 201716:00


Ela Taşkent, general secretary of the Turkey EU Association participated to this workshop. EU INSTRUMENT FOR PRE-ACCESSION ASSISTANCE (IPA II) CIVIL SOCIETY SECTOR WORKSHOP February 15, 2017 / Ankara, Hotel Mövenpick  GÜNDEM/AGENDA  09:30– 10:00  Kayıt/Registration  10:00 – 10:30  Açılış Konuşmaları/Opening Speeches  Emine DÖĞER (tbc) Başkan, Merkezi Finans ve İhale Birimi Head of CFCU, Central Finance and Contracts Unit  Gabriel MUNUERA VINALS  Delegasyon Başkan Yardımcısı, AB Türkiye Delegasyonu…

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15 February 201709:00

Point sur la situation économique en Turquie et sur les relations économiques avec la France

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18 January 201710:30

New Directions in European Cooperation in Turkey: Richard Youngs Report

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16 January 201717:30

Roundtable with Anthony Bubalo, Deputy Director and Research Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy (http://www.gif.org.tr/events)

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13 January 201712:00

Evaluation of Turkey’s relations with the EU will be held in London with Representatives of Civil Society Organizations

T. C. AVRUPA BİRLİĞİ BAKANLIĞI Sivil Toplum, İletişim ve Kültür Başkanlığı “TÜRKİYE-AB SİVİL TOPLUM BULUŞMALARI” LONDRA, 09 Ocak 2017, 13.00 09 Ocak 2017, Pazartesi 13.00-13.30 Kayıt ve İkram, Institute of Directors 13.30-14.15 Avrupa Birliği Bakanı ve Başmüzakereci Sayın Ömer Çelik’in Konuklara Hitabı 14.15-16.00 Yemekli Toplantı   Avrupa Birliği Bakanı ve Başmüzakereci Sayın Ömer Çelik’in katılımlarıyla, 9 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi günü Londra’da Institute of Directors’da saat 13.00’da “Türkiye-AB…

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09 January 201713:00


Populism, extremism and euroscepticism are haunting Europe, creating a tense atmosphere in which fear, hate, anger and anxiety generate a climate of European Angst. The current rise of radical parties, such as AFD in Germany, UKIP in Great Britain and FN in France, indicates a drastic change in European societies and politics – and the more momentum these populist parties and movements gain, the more clueless the established political, cultural and legislative institutions seem to be. Why is this happening now? And how are we dealing with…

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06 December 201615:30

Informal exchange of views and study visit of Turkish NGOs to the Council of Europe and its Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations

    Informal exchange of views and study visit of Turkish NGOs to the Council of Europe and its Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations 1-2 December 2016 Palais de l’Europe, room 13   DRAFT AGENDA   1 December 2016 9h00-10h30                         Opening Session:  Introduction to the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe and CoE standards on freedom of association 10h30-11h00                     …

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01 December 201609:00

EMI's Council Meeting 2016 Brussels November 25 2016

Draft Programme Venue:European Parliament (Altiero Spinelli building)Brussels   Friday 25 November2016 08.40: Meet at EP main entrance (see map attached) 09:00-12:00Board Meeting(room A5G305) 11.40: Meet at EP main entrance (see map attached) 12.00-13.00Political Committees (for the contact pointsoftheMember Organisa-tionswhichbelong toeach PC) Political Committee More Democracy (room A3H-1) Political Committee Jobs and Growth (room A5G315) Political Committee Europe in the World (room A5G305) 12.30: Meet at EP main entrance (see map attached)…

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25 November 201608:40

«Femmes du Sud, Femmes du Nord, Osons La Réussite»

        Colloque Sous le Haut Patronage de son Excellence le Président de la République     «Femmes du Sud, Femmes du Nord, Osons La Réussite»         Dates : 14 et 15 Novembre 2016 Lieu : Hôtel Regency, Gammarth Tunisie Langue : Français, Anglais, Arabe    Le colloque « femmes du sud femmes du nord : Osons la Réussite » est une belle aventure humaine et professionnelle qui a commencé à Tunis par une expérience de formation…

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14 November 201608:30

Fondation du Dialogue Sud-Nord Mediterraneen

The draft program of the meeting which will take place in Rome is as follows FOLLOW UP DU CONGRES DE MILAN D’OCTOBRE 2015 Projet d’ordre du jour COLLOQUE DU 27 et 28 OCTOBRE 2016 AU MINISTERE DE L’AGRICULTURE ITALIEN A ROME 1.    Follow-up du Congrès de Milan (9h00) •    Ce qui a changé depuis octobre 2015 par (M. Bichara Khader, Professeur à l’UCL, Vice-Président de la Fondation (20 min) •    Le Ministre de l’Agriculture italien ou son Représentant M. Massimiliano…

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27 October 201609:00

E.M. int's Head of Office Meeting

  Heads of Office Meeting Draft Agenda   6 October 2016 Time               10.00 – 13.30 Place               1 Square de Meeûs (1st floor) Agenda 10.00 Welcome by Petros Fassoulas, Secretary General, EMI Introductions 10.05 General exchange of views on current challenges 10.30 Common project for the European Movement: The Hague 2018 Presentation of the project Discussion and input from members…

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06 October 201609:00

EUropean Movement Macedonia & Central European Initiative's Conference on European Values Faced with Migration and Refugee Crises (Skopje, 19-20 Sep. 2016)

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19 September 201619:00

IPSA's World Congress is taking place in Poznan, Poland

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23 July 201609:00

ELEC's meeting on The future of international trade, investments and trade negotiations will be held in Milan, Italy

The Turkey Eu Association's president Gul G. TURAN wil participate to ELEC's meeting in Milan. The program is as follows: The future of international trade, investments and trade negotiations Chair: Philippe Jurgensen Preliminary program: 9h30: Welcome coffee ​10h-13h30:  interventions of specialists and debate with simultaneous translation Italian/French      Introduction: Dario BOLIS, Director International Affairs of the Fondation CARIPLO,       Speakers  : …

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17 June 201609:30

European Movement int's General Assembly Meeting will take place in the Netherlands on May 29, 2016

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27 May 201608:00

Celebrating Europe Day on May 10

                        Europe Day Celebration                Tuesday May 10th 2016 (9:00 am - 16:00 pm)                                                  …

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10 May 201609:00

Civil Society Meeting's (Colombia: Bogota) Registration has started

Under the banner of “Active Citizens, Accountable Actions”, ICSW 2016 will feature more than two dozen events organised by leading civil society organisations and will cover 4 crucial themes: peace, inclusion, enabling environment and participation. The CIVICUS Youth Assembly to be held on 24 April will provide youth and youth organisations with an opportunity to exchange best practices, strengthen collaboration and build capacity. It will be followed by 3 days of events organised by our partners from around the world. In addition to…

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25 April 201608:00

Pre-Accession Financial Assistance, Erasmus and Youth program

stanbul Bilgi University and The Turkey-EU Association cordially invite you to the conference organized by the Ministry of EU Affairs' Directorate of Project Implementation on Erasmus and Youth Programs  The talk will be followed by a question and answer session. The meeting will take place at Okan University's Kurtköy Campus on April 18 2016 between 10:30 and 12:00. The venue is at room B 306, Faculty of Law building  Introduction Pre Accession  Financial Assistance                          …

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18 April 201610:30

Conference on Erasmus, Youth programs and Pre-accession aid at Özyeğin University

The conference is open to all interested parties and will take place at Özyeğin University on April 15, 2016 between 10:00 and 12:30 at FEAS/AB2 116 

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15 April 201610:00

Meeting on Erasmus and Youth Program

Istanbul Bilgi University and The Turkey-EU Association cordially invite you to the conference organized by the Ministry of EU Affairs' Directorate of Project Implementation on Erasmus and Youth Programs  The talk will be followed by a question and answer session.   12:15-12:30 Introduction 12:30-13:30  Pre Accession  Financial Assistance                           Makbule Okat, Expert 13:30- 13:45 Interim…

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22 March 201612:15

Radio France Inter organized an interview on the EU, France and Turkey

 Béatrice Leveillé from the french radio France Inter participated to the "Institut du Bosphore" Annual Seminar entitled "Turkey, France, EU: Staying on Course. She organized the same day on March 18 at 14:00 a radio program at the Hilton Hotel with the participation of  the writer Nedim Gürsel, the professor of economics Seyfettin Gürsel, the ex French Minister during Sarkozy's presidency Mr. Pierre Lellouche and Turabder's president Professor Gül Günver Turan. 

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18 March 201614:00

“Civil Society and Beyond: A Joint Dialogue on the European Path”, Belgrade, Serbia

International conference Draft Agenda Day 1: 25 February 2016 10:30 – 11:15 Welcome Words and Opening Speeches 11:15 – 13:00 Plenary Session I: Multilateral Dialogue between EU and Enlargement Countries 13:00 – 14:00 Lunch 14:00 – 15:30 Plenary II: Civil Society Heard: National Conventions on European Integration: Case Studies of Serbia, Montenegro and Albania | Other Consultation and Cooperation Mechanisms 15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break  16:00 – 17:30 Parallel Workshops: 1. Consultation and Cooperation with…

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25 February 201609:00

The conference organized by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry

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13 February 201610:00

Turkey as a European and Regional Hub : Implications for Euro-Mediterranean Relations

A joint initiative of the Economic Development Foundation (IKV:  http://ikv.org.tr/) and The Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB: http://www.cidob.org/), with the support of The European League for Economic Cooperation ( ELEC: http://www.eleclece.eu/en/) and Obra Social “La Caixa”: (http://obrasocial.lacaixa.es/ambitos/becas_es.html ) Turkey has often been depicted as a bridge between Europe and neighbouring regions: the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus. In a globalised world, connections…

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05 February 201615:00

Women in Foreign Policy and Hollings Center invited Ambassador Diana Jansen to discuss gender issues

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02 February 201618:00

TURABDER's Activities in 2016

List of attended Official Meetings of EMI and list of some of the Meetings where Papers were presented by our members 1. Informal exchange of views and study visit of Turkish NGOs to the Council of Europe and its Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations  1-2 December 2016 Palais l’Europe, room 13 . topics which were covered are as follows: Freedom of Expression, Access to Information and Freedom of the media, Human Rights and Civil Rights – Advocacy and Defenders, Education & Teachers, Schools, Businesses and…

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01 January 201608:00

Turabder's Executive Committee member Associate Professor Deniz Şenol Sert gave a talk at the Federation of EU Associations meeting

Dr. Deniz Sert, who is a member of the executive committee of Turabder and associate professor of International Relations at Ozyegin University, has made a presentation entitled 'How (not) to be a refugee in Turkey'. Her talk focused on the problems faced by Syrians, who are under temporary protection, and other asylum seekers, who are under some kind of international protection in Turkey with regard to health, education, and work conditions. Dr. Sert underlined the fact that the public opinion  in Turkey was not interested in…

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19 December 201508:00

M. Fikret Erkut Emcioğlu, membre du comite executif de l'Association Turquie UE a fait une presentation aupres de la Federation des Associations Turquie UE

Erkut Emcioglu, analyste au sein de l'Initiative européenne de stabilité (ESI) a présenté lors de cette réunion, les conclusions de la recherche entreprise par son ONG sur le terrain. Emcioglu a attiré l'attention des participants aux difficultés relatives au bon fonctionnement de l'accord entre l'Union européenne et la Turquie sur la question de l'immigration irréguliere. ESI propose une démarche alternative qui consisterait en la transportation en bonne et due forme d'un nombre défini de réfugiés directement de la Turquie…

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19 December 201510:00

The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

The Academia International Conference on Hong Kong and the World under the Belt and Road Initiative was co-hosted by the Chinese University's Hong Kong Institute of Asia Pacific Studies and the Central Policy Unit of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region . Opportunities and potential of the Belt and Road Initiative, put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013 was discussed by scholars, politicians, administrators coming from 32 different countries (http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2015-03/28/c_134105435.htm).…

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17 December 201508:00

6th Bosphorous Summit : Less Poverty More Prosperity

9-10-11 December 2015 Prof.Dr. H.G.G.Turan pdt of Turabder attended the 6th Bosphorous Summit : Less Poverty More Prosperity  held in Istanbul http://www.bogazicizirvesi.org/pdf/20151225__9936639666.pdf

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09 December 201508:00

E.M.int.'s Member Council Meeting

TURABDER (EM-Turkey) participated to the European Movement int's Member Council meeting held in Brussels where it was represented by Ela Taşkent Secretary General of EM- Turkey. http://europeanmovement.eu/news/european-movement-adopts-new-policy-positions-at-members-council/

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27 November 201514:00

Women in Foreign Policy

TURABDER (EM-Turkey) attended a conference held at the Hollings Center for International Dialogue, organized by Women in Foreign Policy group  and headed by Associate Professor Zeynep Alemdar where a paper was presented by Ferhan Salman senior economist of the IMF on Macroeconomic Gains of Gender equality.

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18 November 201518:00

Recent Developments in Turkey and prospects for the Future

Prof. Dr. Gül G. Turan President of TURABDER (EM-Turkey) gave a presentation on Recent Developments in Turkey and prospects for the Future at the Hotel de l'Industrie meeting place of European Movement - France in Paris, France

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23 October 201508:00

The Role of Education in Fostering Growth and Sustainable Development

Prof. Dr. Gül G. TURAN President of TURABDER (EM-Turkey) attended a workshop entitled "The Role of Education in Fostering Growth and Sustainable Development" organized by the Turkish Delegation to the OECD and APCO Worldwide and with the contribution of the OECD Secretariat held at the OECD Headquarters in Paris.

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21 October 201508:00

Rural Communities:No-More Left Behing

TURABDER (European Movement -Turkey) attended the congress organized bu the Foundation for the South-North Mediterranen Dialogue in partnership with the Global Forum on Agricultural Research, the Bibliotheca Alexandria  on Rural Communities:No-More Left Behing held in Varese, Milan, where Prof. Dr. Gül G. Turan headed the workshop on Food Safety and Sustainable Use of Natural Ressources. 

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04 October 201508:00

C20 Summit

TURABDER (EM-Turkey) attended the C20 Summit organized by the C20 Turkey Steering Committee at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey. The C20 Summit 2015 took place on 15th-16th September 2015, at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. Attended by 500+ civil society delegates from 52 countries, the summit was the climax of the C20 policy consultation and development process in 2015. http://c20turkey.org/page/dynamic/28  

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15 September 201508:00

Insights and challenges facing women in the Middle East

TURABDER (EM -Turkey) attended the conference held at the Hollings Center for International Dialogue, organized by Women in Foreign Policy group where Asma Khader, Pdt of the Sisterhood is Global Institute in Jordan spoke on Insights and challenges facing women in the Middle East with a specific focus on women refugees.

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17 August 201508:00

Club of Three meeting: Europe and Turkey

26-27 June 2015 TURABDER (EM-Turkey) attended the second Club of Three meeting of the conference organized by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and The Global Relations Forumwith the support of Robert Bosch Stiftung at the Yeniköy Korusu , Istanbul , Turkey on Europe and Turkey.

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26 June 201508:00

New Approach towards EU's Neighbourhood Policy

TURABDER (EM-Turkey) attended the international workshop on the review of the European Neighourhood Policy called ENP2.0-A New Approach towards the EU Neighbourhood held in Messina, Sicily. http://europeanmovement.eu/news/report-from-messina-conference-3-6-june-2015/

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05 June 201508:00

Europe Day: Europe Identity and Turkey

TURABDER (European Movement-Turkey) organized a panel and lunch at the Taksim Divan Hotel to celebrate the European Day of May 9.

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08 May 201509:00

TURABDER Attended the Federal Assembly meeting of the EM International

24-25 April 2015 TURABDER ( European Movement- Turkey) attended the Federal Assembly meeting of the EM int held in Riga, Latvia. Turkey was represented by Ela Taşkent, secretary general and Gül G. Turan President. http://europeanmovement.eu/news/clear-european-perspective-for-the-eastern-partnership-countries-emi-calls-for-concrete-deliverables-at-the-riga-summit/ http://europeanmovement.eu/news/riga-recommendations-on-a-better-free-movement-of-europeans-5-concrete-proposals/

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24 April 201508:00

Turabder's Meeting with University students in Eskişehir and Turkonfed Members

Turabder has organized  with Turkonfed a meeting which will bring to-gether 40 students from Anadolu and Osman Gazi universities alongside interested members of the respective faculties (October 16). The initial program is as follows: 9:00 - 9:30 Breakfast and Registration 9:30 - 12:30 Meeting around 4 tables where 4 different topics will be discussed                     1. Eu and Migration                     2. Customs Union Agreement and…

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01 January 197009:00