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Turkey-EU Association

The Turkey European Union Association (TURABDER) is  a nongovernmental organization representing civil society, specialized on EU and Turkey-EU relations. Established in  1987, year at which Turkey applied for full membership,  it aims at informing Turkey's public opinion about European integration and Turkey-EU relations. TURABDER became a member of the European Movement int (http://europeanmovement.eu/who-we-are/) in 1990 and has since then worked with the  network of organisations represented within EM int  so as to  mobilize citizens  and advocate for a democratic, federal and enlarged European Union. Turabder is referred to as the European Movement-Turkey and/or Turkey's Council at  the European Movement int.

TURABDER aims at  contributing to the process of Turkey’s EU candidacy and accession negotiations by organizing seminars ,conferences,  writing contests on EU issues among highschool and university students as well as doing research on projects related to EU issues. Our Association's headquarter is in Istanbul while it's branch "Sakarya" is located in Adapazarı.