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Projects realized during the presidency of Estonia
Rewarding our Participants with Certificates
World Cafe Event: Discussing solutions.
Lunch with our Guest Speaker Dr. Sefer Yılmaz
Customs Union and Economic relations with the EU
Discussing Migration Issues
Discussing Chapter 24: Justice, freedom and security
Discussing Chapter 23 : Judiciary and Fundamental Rights
Breakfast, and entering the meeting room (May 9, 2017)
A short introduction to the idea behind " ALL"
The EU : Like it or not that is what it is
The European Council as Viewed by those who witnessed it
Attended in Rome the March for Europe 2017
Interview with H.E. Mr. Peter Javorčik, Permanent Representative of Slovak Republic to the EU
A.C. Grayling on Brexit, Britain's Future and Trump (EM-UK)
EU Migration Crisis - The Inside Story
What Do People in Brussels have to Say about their Rigt to Free Movement
Europe Goes Digital
LIVE EU-Turkey High Level Political Dialogue Meeting, Ankara - press conference
The Juncker Plan for Investment in Europe